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Marketing-Digital v/s Affiliate Marketing And successful entrepreneurs

Not only Digital Technology mainly based on internet but also using telephone and podcast, hoardings, and email are using to do marketing which, called Digital Marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

People earn commissions for promoting products from vendor by special tracking online link.

What makes difference between both?

Affiliate Marketing Digital Marketing
Revenue sharing business model Digital devises-based business model
Marketing strategy based on Sales & Leads.Digital instruments or platform
which helps to promote products.
Easy measuring,
Brand visibility, Targeted
Costumers, Low risky.
Efficient Campaign for offline
business, Cost-effective, Time saving,

As per my analysis in affiliate business, more lucrative offers, more
confusion, more unethical for achieve the target or own pressure like crazy.

Digital assistant:

More risk involves sometimes, when one can invest with an expensive technology without know their better work ability; hence, more risk involves to get conversion if you invest more in social media campaign, for instance, face book ads, Instagram ads.

There are some businesses and entrepreneur’s name, I’m going to share as an example, in which you are going to inspire how they have got 6 figures or up to 9 figures income in online affiliate business.

Golden Hippo Media:

A collection of different brands and stores in which none actually products are sold in real stores. Purely online business through advertisement.


Craig Clemens (a mastermind in the world of copy writing.)

Business type:

Online Business

Yearly income:

$100 million,



Approx. 300 in Los Angeles,

Biggest Achievement:

 “The grasped of Pro-biotic “, pills which helps to digest foods in guts.

Podcast interview:

 “How to write a sells messages that moves millions… with Craig

Live interview about his success story

Elite Daily:

Clamor Digital Group is looking for a Commerce/Affiliate Marketing Editor to join our fruitful and developing Commerce (subsidiary promoting) Team. The group comprises of editors and business strategists who make well-explored articles about items for the majority of BDG’s destinations.

These articles, and the Commerce group extensively, work independently from each site’s publication group, and Commerce articles are composed with the objective of creating income from offers of items highlighted in the articles. The Commerce group covers the full scope of item classifications, including home, well being, tech, excellence, etc.The perfect applicant will have a blend of publication and scientific abilities.


Bryan Goldberg, New York




Sold first online business with $50 Million

Live interview about his success story

Click funnels,

Snap Funnel pro in improving sites transformations and in this manner deals for online retailers. We center in around two primary regions, Customer Acquisition and Retention.

Our administrations incorporate; content improvement, point of arrival streamlining and upgrading the checkout procedure.

They give Website Reviews and distribute a progression of Benchmark Reports because to enable you to improve your very own online business site.


Russel Brunson


Software tool for affiliate marketing

Biggest offer:

Get 100 affiliates and get one branded car worth $1 million

Yearly Income:

Near about $100 million

Live interview about his success story

Fit Life TV, LLC:

Drew Canole has consistently had a skill for developing fruitful business attempts and connections, not with standing his unpleasant beginnings. He would not permit his “story” to characterize him. He looked for importance in the majority of his encounters and use them for the improvement of those he came into contact with.

Through the procedure, it wound up clear that he did permitted his drive for progress and concentrating exclusively on others to smother his motivation and his energy also his well being.

Healthy products

It was a straightforward green juice from a companion on an especially distressing evening at work. He used to be in account that changed the game totally.

Drooped over his PC with rest at the forefront of his thoughts and he was brought a splendid green creation that would always change his way throughout everyday life.

Change his well being and reignite his enthusiasm for helping other people make the life they had always wanted so this time in an altogether different way…

Well, not with standing his wavering to drink because of this interesting looking juice and his companion was determined. He consented to chug it down. Shockingly, he LOVED it!

What was considerably progressively fantastic?

That was the prompt vitality because he encountered on a cell level from only one glass of products of the soil, squeezed to flawlessness.


OrganifyGreen juice

Yearly income:

$24 million

Live interview about his success story


Voccum (the tracking affiliate software)


Robert Gryn, Poland (Youtuber, Rich boy, fashionista)

$100 million

The biggest interesting thing is that, every young entrepreneur mentioned have started their business from scratch.

Opinion – Affiliate – Digital – Marketing:

There is big problem in the affiliate industry business opportunity niche and make money online specifically.

I was seeking entire ideas things to things, one has no idea about where we are jump in to?

You have this fear,

Oh my Gosh…

You know, making money online in the next month as you made to previous month,

what we do to get more appreciation?

we cannot spend little bit more amount of money to get more profit or to maintain it.


Confusion like dark clouds in the sky,

That’s it,

All this frustration and maintain the standard of living we are start to sell our souls, we start promoting next big thing that convert the best for us. We continue on the hamster wheel.

We got $20000 last month, which have expenses had increased as well as pulled in more pressure to earn or maintain to earn $20000 on next month.

Besides this, we have to at either 20 grand per month or we keep jump around the opportunity, however, I’m not saying to goes to everybody. To be honest or this is the reason this niche going mad perfectly or people quit their platform after give up everything.

you have seen some gurus are promoting new things every single day and I got sick entire to doing it.

Who don’t like to earn more?

Actually I got realize that if you need to earn more and one has to be more active to helped by the customers rather than just empty promotion. we also needed to share the success stories about the programmers that we are promoting. Some programmers getting popular and successful among those people who are willing to learn and earn both.

It’s just works like fly wheel by feeding people what they want,

Amazon business model, Apple,

Walmart, E-bay or flip kart, they all have fly wheel business models.

Everything is connected so they can improve their products in order to get more beneficial response from their customers; consequently, they are focused on customer services as well as the conversion ratio grow together by organically in affiliated marketing. That’s realize me what am I missing in my work, what makes me more failure?

Gosh, there is new add in click bank, we need to promote by face book ads, google ads,

We have e-commerce going on,

One can find in this whole universe along with heavy rainfall of many different opportunities,


A million different email list, many landing pages to promote things is also going on, therefore, many things to happening in your mind, hard to choose the path of cloud to get succeed faster as possible. Moreover, you end up earn big zero if you don’t focus on one thing and One can confusing everybody those who following you that what you want.

Having a one income stream is the most import.

You know, in this market, no one will going to tell that affiliate market will not giving you that satisfaction what you guys really want.

you can earn or build your business from that step in online, it will give you the way to reach people all around the world,

When you establish your trust among the people or you help them. They are also get many compliments how they get succeeded by your guidance. Most importantly, that appreciation has made you happy and it will get inspiration to get start by your own show rather than affiliate the other programmed.

For example,

Everybody knows John crestini, the affiliate market super star and the entrepreneur who started – “6 – Week Super Affiliate System

This is the one of the reasons, I have start writing about affiliate, or other digital marketing platforms,

To share my honest review and what I’m thinking about it.

You know watching others get succeed faster always catch attention to copy them. It’s not bad at all,

In Conclusion,

Hence, to draw the curtain it can be claim, saying that your own imagination of business will help you to co-ordinate with your team as well as get help on one thing which helps people to understand you better so that makes one’s true development along with your audience rather than follow others blindly.


                                                                                                         Robert E. Lee



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